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Moody Gardens Hotel, Galveston, Texas

DRT Annual Convention
May 4-6, 2023

Goliad Heroes Day March 27

Posted on 3/18/2023
After the fall of the Alamo, Santa Anna's army attacked Colonel James W. Fannin and his men in the Battle of Coleto, near Goliad. The Texians were defeated and Fannin surrendered.........

Texas Statehood Day

Posted on 2/15/2023
Texas Statehood Day - February 19, 1846 Texas Statehood Day is February 19, an important date in Texas history. On this day in 1846, the formal transfer of sovereignty from The Republic of Texas to The State of Texas took place in Austin.

Save the Date for a Memorial Medallion Ceremony

Posted on 2/7/2023
A Real Daughter Memorial Medallion Ceremony will be held for Carrie Emma Cochran, a deceased member of the Moon-McGehee Chapter. For more information click on the title.

Mirabeau B Lamar Day January 26

Posted on 1/23/2023
January 26 is Mirabeau B. Lamar Day, a day to salute the Father of Education in Texas. On that date in 1839, the Republic of Texas Congress passed The Education Act, setting aside land for public schools. Click title for more.....

Siege of Bexar

Posted on 12/9/2022
The Siege of Bexar became the first major campaign of the Texas Revolution. From October until early December of 1835, an army of Texas volunteers laid siege to the Mexican army in San Antonio de Béxar.....