December 16, 2017


Portrait of Sam Houston

This portrait of Sam Houston may be seen in the DRT Museum

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas, as an organization and individuals, is committed to the preservation of Texas heritage. It was that goal that brought the organization together in 1891. The efforts of our early Daughters preserved the Alamo, which has become the standard that the world uses to recognize “Texas.” That work did not stop there.

Listed below are the Texas State owned properties and other properties and museums that DRT continues to preserve for today and for the generations of the future.

Texas State Owned Properties

Texas State owned properties operated by DRT help to preserve and promote our unique Texas History. DRT is preserving the physical structures of these historic places from the pre-Republic of Texas, Republic of Texas, and post-Republic of Texas era including:


The Republic of Texas Museum located in Austin, Texas, with historical artifacts from the Republic of Texas era.

More information about the DRT Museums »

Historic Buildings

DRT continues in its preservation efforts by restoring other historic Texas buildings including:



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