December 16, 2017

How to Become a Member

The current membership of The Daughters of the Republic of Texas is approximately 7,160 women. There are 106 chapters.

Chapter membership

This membership is open to women who wish to be associated with a chapter and find sponsorship within the chapter. Chapter members can attend chapter and state meetings, serve on chapter and state committees and hold office at the chapter and state level. Chapter membership carries the reward of participating in the chapter activities aimed at furthering the goals of celebration and preservation of our Texas Heritage.

If you wish to learn more about chapter membership you are encouraged to locate a chapter near you and contact the Chapter President or Chapter Registrar. They will help guide you through the application process. Please see our chapters listing to find a chapter near you.


The second type of membership is not associated with a chapter. This membership is generally sought by those ladies not residing near a chapter, but who wish to become members of the organization. The member at large can attend state meeting and vote but cannot hold office.

To learn more about the application process, please contact the Member-At-Large DRT Registrar.

Chapter Only Membership

There is another category of membership at the chapter level only. This is the “Associate Member.” This is a woman who has interest in the goals and activities of DRT but cannot meet all of the membership requirements. The DRT encourages anyone with a love of Texas history to join us in celebrating and preserving this heritage.

Lineage Information Worksheet

Download the genealogy worksheet, reflecting the information needed for membership. (.PDF)

DRT Application

The DRT Membership Application is to be completed by a chapter registrar or by the state registrar (for at-large members only). The application may be used as a guide by prospective members.

  1. DRT Membership Application (Must be printed on official DRT paper & printer settings set to….”Legal Size”
  2. DRT Membership Application Instructions
  3. DRT Membership Application Sample

Membership Dues and Fees

Member at Large Fees  
Initiation Fee = $70.00
Dues = $45.00
Processing Fee = $8.00
TOTAL FEES = $123.00

Chapter Member Fees  
Initiation Fee = $70.00
Dues = $45.00
TOTAL FEES = $115.00 (plus chapter dues which are paid separately)

Posthumous Application (one-time) Fee – $150.00

CRT Initiation Fee – $15.00 (There are no yearly dues for CRT)

Reinstatement/Transfer Fee – $25.00

Supplemental Application Fee – $50.00

CRT to DRT Transfer Fee (before 21st birthday) – $45.00

For More Information

For information on becoming a member, please do one of the following:

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