December 16, 2017

Children of the Republic of Texas

Brief History

On March 3, 1928, during the DRT General Convention, Mrs. Clara Driscoll Sevier, President General, asked The Daughters assembled to bring young people into the organization to take an active part. A committee was set up to make plans to organize the children into chapters. Members of this DRT committee were Mrs. Joseph Carnal, San Antonio; Mrs. J. T. Cox, Austin; and Miss Bess Ferguson, Palestine.

During DRT Convention one year later, on March 1, 1929, the committee made the following motion, which carried: That The Daughters of the Republic of Texas sponsor the organization to be known as the Children of the Republic of Texas, such members to be subject to the Bylaws of our organization pertaining to membership and objectives and that a committee be appointed to further the same.

Annual CRT Convention

Each year the Children of the Republic of Texas hold an annual CRT Convention. The Convention features the election of new state officers, chapter awards and the completion of business for the organization.   The awarding of scholarships to deserving CRT members is always a highlight of the Convention. This year the Children of the Republic of Texas will be hosted by DRT District IX on June 21 – 23 in Deer Park, TX.

Application for Membership

The CRT Membership Application is to be completed by a chapter registrar or by the state registrar (for at-large members only). The application may be used as a guide by prospective members.

  1. CRT Membership Application Instructions
  2. CRT Membership Application (Must be printed on official DRT paper & printer settings set to….”Legal Size”

Checks or money orders for the initiation fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) or supplemental fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00) should accompany the completed application.

One check must be sent for each applicant. When a family with two or more applicants sends papers at the same time, one check to cover all members of the family is acceptable. A chapter check covering several applicants of different families is not acceptable. This can hold up approval of all others if one application is delayed.

Chapter CRT Registrars will be notified by the  Registrar General/Membership Committee when an application is approved. If applicant wishes to be notified, a stamped, self-addressed post card may be included with name of applicant, ancestor’s name and space for date approved.

Any female CRT member may transfer to DRT after her 16th birthday. The only fee submitted with the transfer form are the DRT dues (currently $45.00). It is important for a girl to transfer BEFORE  her 21st birthday. If a CRT member has already reached the age of 21 before transferring, then she will have to apply to DRT as a new member and pay full application monies (currently $115.00).


CRT Membership Application Information

For further information,  contact the DRT Headquarters in Austin, and ask how to contact a Chapter near you in the list above.

For information on Membership-at-Large or chapter applications, contact the CRT Registrar.

For information on the location of CRT Chapters, click here.

For more information about CRT contact the CRT Director at .

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