December 16, 2017

General Info

The Member’s Website consists of “Pages” and “Posts“.

Pages are the consistent areas of the web site that are only updated as needed.   The top dark blue menu items are Pages.  You can click on them like regular menus and navigate to the areas listed.

Posts are also known as blogs. Posts are the frequent new items/information that are continually being added in order to keep members aware of frequent changes/information/updates about our organization. The newest Posts make up the main areas of the front page of the web site. Eventually they are replaced as other updated news items are added to the web site. Posts are assigned a Category when they are created. Therefore, any previous Post that is no longer listed on the front page of the web site, can  be accessed by clicking on the listing of Prior Announcements listed on the side menu.

Additionally, there is a “Site Map”.   This is a listing of all of the pages, by menu and by the order within that menu.  It can be found at the very right of every page.

For additional assistance, please email:

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