January 16, 2018

DRT Applications Search Help

family searchMost of the DRT applications (from 1892-2010) and their accompanying “proofs” have been scanned and are located on the web site of the LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). The web site is known as  FamilySearch and is located at http://familysearch.org . The web site also contains many other genealogy  sources and is a wonderful tool in genealogy research. The applications are not indexed and are in DRT Number order. For now, the process involves scrolling through the applications until the correct number is reached.  However,  DRT Headquarters is very busy indexing the site and hopes to have the index available on a flash drive and for sale at the 2014  DRT State Convention!

Tips for Using the FamilySearch Site

  1. Go to http://familysearch.org in your web browser
  2. Register (create an account) to use the site. This is not a requirement but the registration is free and many records are not accessible unless you are a registered user. Remember your Username and Password.
  3. Any visits to the site after you register require that you sign in using your Username and Password.

Accessing the DRT Applications

  1. Sign in to the web site.
  2. Click on the SEARCH icon at the top and then click on the RECORDS icon.
  3. At the records page, go to the bottom of the page where the countries are listed and click on UNITED STATES.
  4. Scroll down the UNITED STATES page until you come to Texas, Daughters of the Republic of Texas Membership Applications, 18920-2010. Clicking on this link will open the records.

Missing Records

  1. The records on the web site are missing DRT numbers 26401 -28280.
  2. Records of applications from 2011 to present are not found on the web site. These records are being scanned and kept on the DRT Headquarters data base and are available for searching at Headquarters.
  3. Plans are to have DRT application records indexed through April 15, 2017 by the 2017 convention. The Index will be on a disk to be given to each chapter registrar. It will be available for purchase at the Headquarters Sales Table for $10.00.




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