May 23, 2017

Republic of Texas Museum

Texas Wild Flowers Book cover


The mission of The Republic of Texas Museum is to preserve the heritage of The Republic of Texas historic period and to educate the public about the history and culture of that time.



Location: 510 Anderson Lane  Austin, Texas Near Intersection of  I-35 & Hwy 183
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Chairmen, Jean Sitterlee & Janie Frere


The Children of the Republic of Texas Decorate the Annual Christmas Tree at the Republic of Texas Museum

crtChristmasThe CRT Board of Management met on December 5th and used their meeting to create holiday spirit at the Museum for visitors and DRT staff.  Board members pictured on the front row (L to R) are: Alayne Denton, Sarah Funderburk (CRT President General), Joseph Lopez and Jacob Lopez. Members on the back row (L to R) are: Daniel Steeves, Sonein Noack (CRT sponsor & 3rd VP General of DRT), Boone Denton, Xander Gennarelli, Mary Katherine Smith and Amber Borman.

2017 3rd Annual Republic of Texas Museum Symposium 

The 3rd annual Republic of Texas Museum Symposium will be on February 23, 2017. The following topics will be discussed at the symposium:

  • “From a Watery Grave” reviewed by Dr. James E. Bruseth
    • The Discovery and Excavation of La Salle’s Shipwreck, La Belle
  • “The Battle of Medina” presented by Al McGraw
    • The Bloodiest Battle of the Texas Revolution August 18, 1813 Gutierrez – Magee Expedition
  • “Sea of Mud” reviewed by Dr. Gregg Dimmick
    • An Archeological Investigation where soldiers and camp followers of the Battle of San Jacinto foundered in muddy fields of Wharton County, Texas
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wildflowerReprint of 1850 book of original watercolors of Texas Wildflowers by Eliza Griffin Johnston. Foreword by Luck Baines Johnson.
Price: $40.00 + $4.00 S/H

Native Texan Generation T-Shirts5th – 11th Native Texan Generation T-Shirts.
Youth sizes: $16.23 Adult sizes: $21.64
Shipping Charges: 1 T-Shirt = $3.00 $2.00 for each additional T-shirt.

For further information and purchasing questions, please contact The Republic of Texas Museum at 512-339-1997

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