January 17, 2018

Chapter & Membership Supplies and Services

Research and copy services from member applications and proofs are available from the DRT Headquarters. Below is a list of items and prices available to Chapters and Members from DRT Headquarters or by mail. Please use Headquarters Order Form when ordering these items.  Sales tax is additional. No Sales tax on out-of-state purchases. Chapter purchase made with chapter check is also tax-free.

Acid Free Pen (required)$3.00$2.00
Application Paper (24 sheets)$12.00$3.00/set
DRT Ribbon.33 per inch2.00/minimum
Membership Cards (25 in set) / >.05 each$1.25/set3.00/minimum
Flag Cards (25 in set) .15 each$3.75/set3.00/minimum
DRT Note Cards (set of 10 w/envelopes)$5.00/set$3.00/set
DRT Letterhead (set of 10 w/envelopes$5.00$3.00/set
Bylaws & MOP
Bylaws & Manual of Procedure (MOP) located on the DRT Member's website for free download.
Annual Proceedings
2008 Annual Proceedings$20.00$5.00
2009 Annual Proceedings$20.00$5.00
2010 Annual Proceedings$20.00$5.00
2011 Annual Proceedings$20.00$5.00
2012 Annual Proceedings$20.00$5.00
2013 Annual Proceedings$20.00$5.00
2014 Annual Proceedings$20.00$5.00
2015 Annual Proceedings$20.00$5.00
2016 Annual Proceedings$20.00$5.00
Real Daughters$40.00$7.25
Founders & Patriots, Volume VI$40.00$7.25
Founders & Patriots, Volume VII$40.00$7.25
Founders & Patriots, Volume VIII$40.00$7.25
Founders & Patriots, Volume IX$40.00$7.25
Founders & Patriots, Volume X$60.00$7.25
A purchase of 3 or more volumes of Founders & Patriots = a $10.00 discount.- $10.00
Mamie Wynne Cox Essay Book$45.00$7.25
Daughters: A Dozen Decades$60.00$7.25
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