January 17, 2018

Get To Know Your Committees

Congratulations! You are now a member of DRT. So, does it stop there? No, you can become involved with your local chapter, or volunteer to help with a committee. Even if you are a Member at Large, you can volunteer to help a committee. To serve on a committee, you must have been an active member of DRT for at least two years. For volunteer committee help, no requirements are needed.

DRT has several different types of committees. They are:

Administrative  Committees

      • Cradle Committee
      •         CRT Committee
      •         DRT Headquarters Committee
      • DRT Library Collection Committee
      • Republic of Texas Museum Committee
      •         J.B. Wells House Committee

Elective Committees

      • Nominating Committee (the only committee that has elected members)

Standing Committees

      • Annual Proceedings Committee
      • Awards Committee
      • Bylaws Committee
      •         Chapter Organization
      • Finance Committee
      • Historic Education Committee
      •         Historic Sites Committee
      • Historical Publication Committee
      • Human Resources Committee
      • Legislative Committee
      • Media and Communications Committee
      •         Meeting Logistics Committee
      •         Membership Committee
      • Memorial Park Committee
      • Texas Lineage Research Committee

Special Committees (any other committees that the President General and the BOM shall deem necessary and shall consist of 3 or more members)

      • French Legation Museum Transition Committee
      •         Information Technology Committee
      •         Republic of Texas History Center Committee

For more information about these committees, the committee chairman names and e-mail addresses, check out the Committees webpage.

So, if you love history, try volunteering with the DRT Library Collection , Cradle or Memorial Park Committees. Or, if you love genealogy, try volunteering with the Texas Lineage Research, Headquarters or Museum Committees. How about writing, accounting, scrap-booking, law, public relations? Yes, there is a committee for you too, including the Bylaws, Media and Publicity and Finance Committees. Do you have computer expertise? The  Awards and Publicity Committees are always looking for help with computer related items.  In fact, so is every committee. So get involved! There is a committee that can use your talents!

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