May 26, 2017

Nominating Committee

(Bylaw – Article II, Section 8)

The Nominating Committee shall meet and review the qualifications of the nominees presented by the chapters, determine if they are in compliance with DRT Bylaws, and prepare a slate of candidates. A candidate shall be considered only for the offices specified on her chapter endorsement form.

The Nominating Committee shall present at least one nominee for each office to be filled. If there is an office for which no name was submitted, the Nominating Committee Chairman shall, with the approval of the President General, notify the chapter Presidents to ask for qualified candidates. These candidate resumes and chapter endorsements shall be sent to each member of the Nominating Committee by no later than the date specified by the Nominating Committee Chairman.

No later than forty-five days before the Convention in May (April 2nd), the Nominating Committee Chairman shall send the slate of nominees, with a biographical sketch and qualifications for office of each, to the Headquarters for posting on the Members website and to distribution to chapter Presidents to share with their chapters.

Committee MemberDistrictEmail
Catherine (Kitty) Wilson
Gerald Dean (Geri) LillyDistrict
Jane KleinDistrict
Catherine (Kitty) Wilson (CHAIR)District
Maggie CastoDistrict
Nancy PageDistrict
Correll CorbettDistrict
Amy Jo BakerDistrict
Kathy HowellDistrict
Joanna WilsonDistrict
Troyce WoodDistrict
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