January 17, 2018

Nominating Committee


Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 3


The Nominating Committee shall consist of one member elected by each District, as defined in Article III, Section 4, D. A.

 The Nominating Committee shall ensure that all candidates for Officers General meet the qualifications stated in the bylaws. All candidates meeting the qualifications for office shall be presented to the Convention by the committee. 

The Nominating Committee shall elect its chair, at Convention, under the direction of the Parliamentarian. The Nominating Committee shall meet and review the qualifications of the nominees presented by the chapters, determine if they are in compliance with these Bylaws, and the MOP, and publish the list of all candidates who meet the qualifications, with the biographical sketch, to chapter presidents by April 1. A candidate shall be considered only for the offices specified on her chapter endorsement form.

The Nominating Committee shall review the qualifications of those nominees who may wish to be nominated from the floor in accordance the provisions of Article IV, Section 6.C. E.

Six members of the Nominating Committee shall constitute a quorum.

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