May 23, 2017

Membership Committee

Chairman: Glenda Wise



(Bylaws – Section VII, Article 14)

The Membership Committee shall assist the Registrar General, who is chairman of the committee, in verifying proof submitted by an applicant for membership. Where there is a divergence of opinion in the committee as to the eligibility of an applicant, her application shall be referred to the BOM.


Member at Large Fees
Initiation Fee = $70.00
Dues = $45.00
Processing Fee = $8.00
TOTAL FEES = $123.00

Chapter Member Fees
Initiation Fee = $70.00
Dues = $45.00
TOTAL FEES = $115.00 (plus chapter dues which are paid separately)

Posthumous Application (one-time) Fee – $150.00

CRT Initiation Fee – $15.00 (There are no yearly dues for CRT)

Reinstatement/Transfer Fee – $25.00

Supplemental Application Fee – $50.00


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