January 16, 2018

Media & Communications Committee


Email: mediachair@drtinfo.org


(Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 5J

The Media and Communication Committee shall be responsible for a quarterly members’ newsletter containing articles and information from the President General, BOM officers and committees. They shall assist chapters with social media – Facebook pages, websites, etc. – and offer social media workshops, either separately or at district meetings or convention.


DRT Press Release Guidelines

Use the pre-formatted DRT news release template below or one where the standard text and layout are not changed.

News Release Approval Process

Press releases on topics of local interest my be issued by chapters without the approval of the DRT President General. News releases on the following and similar subjects may be released directly to the media without the approval of the Press Release Team or the DRT President General:

  • Chapter membership drives and fundraisers
  • Historical programs given for the public
  • Cemetery marker dedications
  • Profiles of Texas Republic ancestors
  • Chapter field trips and tours
  • Local landmarks and historical buildings
  • Chapter participation in local community festivals

Note: Any reference to the larger DRT organization, its governance or policies, its properties or agency partners, etc., MUST receive prior approval from the President General. For a full list of state-level topics and procedures for handling them, please go to the MOP on the web-site or contact the Media & Communications Chairman.

General Tips on Creating Press Releases

  1. Do your homework. Look at other stories your local news media used. What made them effective so that they were published or aired?
  2. Make your title catchy, with punch. Grab your reader’s attention. Do not use the word “announcement.” They already know that it is an announcement.
  3. Tell a story. Don’t just state facts. Make it interesting. Remember, editors receive hundreds of press releases.
  4. Use short, concise phrases.
  5. Smile when you are writing your press release. Your news is something you are excited about sharing.

Do you have more tips? Send them to the Media & Communications Chairman and they will be compiled into a “Tip Sheet” later.

DRT Press Release Template

Note: You must have Microsoft Word to 2003 or newer to use this template.


  1. For MS Explorer and Firefox – Click on the file below and from the File menu, choose “Save As…” For Safari – Right click on the file below and “Save Link As…”
  2. Save the file in a folder called “My Templates.”
  3. From the File menu, click Project Gallery or Word Document Gallery.
  4. From the Category menu, choose My Templates/Press Release/drt-press-release-2011-0916.dot  will be listed. Select & click OK.

The press release template can be customized for your chapter, but the standard text and layout should not be changed. Click on the [Chapter name] field to enter and type your chapter’s name; click on the [Contact name] field to enter and type the contact person’s name, etc. Click on “OK” after each response. The template will create a new document which can be saved on your computer, edited, printed, e-mailed, etc.

DRT Press Release Template


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