October 19, 2017

The Republic of Texas History Center

Chairman: Dr. Pat Horridge

Email: rthcchair@drtinfo.org

A Vision for the 21st Century

By consolidating the activities of The Daughters of the Republic of Texas and The Republic of Texas Museum in one downtown Austin location adjacent to the historic French Legation Museum, The Daughters of the Republic of Texas will be able to create the Republic of Texas History Center. This Center will provide a larger, more appropriate setting for exhibitions, educational programs, family gatherings, conferences and public festivals. In this way, the DRT will better serve the State of Texas and visitors seeking to learn about and appreciate the rich and fascinating history of the State of Texas.


Republic of Texas History Center Committee Members

Team Membere-Mail
Pat Horridge, Chairpatriciahorridge@austin.rr.com
Nancy Shurtleff nshurtleff@austin.rr.com
Cindy Andersonandersonlc@aol.com
John Ellen Beckerbpath1@aol.com
Betty Birdbbird@austin.rr.com
Carolyn Reedcreed@yahoo.com
Beverly Locklinblocklin@austin.rr.com



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