April 29, 2017

Historic Committee

Historic Committee Chairman: Mary Goodwin

E-mail: historian@drtinfo.org


(Bylaws – Article XII, Section 11)

The Historic Committee, with the Historian General as chairman, shall assist the Historian General with collecting and judging of chapter history books and yearbooks at the DRT Convention on odd-numbered years and annually at Convention with the historical evening dinner and program and presentation of the Mamie Wynne Cox Award for Historical Research.


Mamie Wynne Cox Award

The Historian General is responsible for the Mamie Wynne Cox Award for Historical Research. She secures impartial judges and gives the winner’s name to the Custodian General, who has the wall plaque engraved. Each year the Historian General presents a plaque and a framed official DRT certificate of award to the winner at the historical dinner at Convention. The Historian General will purchase and be reimbursed for the plaque for the winner of the Mamie Wynne Cox Award that the winner will retain. The Custodian General will have the wall plaque engraved which shall be on display at DRT’s Republic of Texas Museum.

Created for the purpose of encouraging research by DRT members in Texas history, this award honors the memory of Mrs. Mamie Wynne Cox, historian and devoted Honorary Member of the DRT. A silver tray, given to DRT by Mae Wynne McFarland (Mrs. I. B.), a niece of Mrs. Cox and also an Honorary Member of DRT, was engraved with the winners’ names until 1991. A second tray was purchased by DRT to continue the tradition and was filled in 2005, at which time the BOM established the wall plaque which shall be displayed.

Entrants should submit an unpublished monograph or essay of merit in the field of Texas history, preferably during or before the period of the Republic. Any subject may be addressed. If no essay of sufficient merit is submitted, an award will not be made that year. A member may submit more than one entry. Submission of entries for the Mamie Wynne Cox Award gives DRT the right to publish winning essays. Essays must be in scholarly form and must be based for the most part upon the use of source material, properly documented. Important statements must be accompanied by explicit notations as to sources, and a bibliography shall be appended. Essays are to consist of no less than 1,000 words. In making the award, the committee will consider effectiveness of research, originality of thought, accuracy of statements, excellence of style, and value of the contribution to Texas. Entries will be judged by a group of qualified historians who are not members of DRT. All entries must be typed, double spaced, with a 1½ inch margin on the left side of all pages for binding. A sealed envelope must be attached to each entry containing the author’s real name and address and title of entry, with the entrant’s nom de plume and title of essay on the outside of the envelope. Contestants should retain duplicate copies of their manuscripts. The Historian General shall place the original of the winning paper in the DRT Library at the Alamo in San Antonio within thirty days after Convention. The deadline for entries is March 31, and all essays must be in the hands of the Historian General by that date. Entrants will be notified of competition results before May 1.


Guidelines for Chapter History Books

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