January 16, 2018

DRT Headquarters Committee

DRT Headquarters Chairman – Arlene Garey

E-mail address: custodiangeneral@drtinfo.org


(Bylaws – Article VI, Section 5)

The DRT Headquarters Committee shall be chaired by the Custodian General and shall have supervision of the Headquarters under the direction of the BOM. The committee shall assist the Custodian General with regard to the duties of the DRT Headquarters. There shall be ten members of the committee including the chairman and shall consist of no fewer than five members from the Austin area chapters and one from each of four other chapters.

The committee shall be responsible for securing the archives of membership applications and other unique original records, both paper and digital; oversight of maintenance of the DRT Members website; for the inventory of publications and supplies for the office and members; and for staffing.

All disbursements of Headquarters funds, including funds, which have been received as memorials, grants, or gifts, are the responsibility of the Treasurer General. If she chooses to establish a checking account for Headquarters, all checks shall require two authorized signatures of the following: the President General, Treasurer General, Custodian General, DRT Director or Executive Director, DRT Headquarters Manager, or a Headquarters Committee member designated by the committee and the Treasurer General.


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