May 23, 2017

French Legation Committee

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(Bylaws – Article VI, Section 10)

The French Legation Museum Committee (FLMC) shall have supervision of the French Legation Museum complex under the direction of the BOM. The FLMC shall consist of 18 members, with the chairman and Treasurer residing within the Austin area. The committee shall be responsible for the acceptance of all gifts to the French Legation Museum and shall investigate and approve the authenticity of all gifts and artifacts. To deaccess any item, approval must be received from the FLMC and the BOM.

The committee shall be responsible for operation, maintenance, and preservation of the French Legation grounds and buildings, in concordance with appropriate State directives governing the care and maintenance of State-owned historic buildings, and shall coordinate with the appropriate Texas State agencies.

The committee shall administer funds under its authority for the benefit of the French Legation Museum. The committee shall be responsible for adequately staffing the French Legation Museum with qualified personnel approved by the BOM.

All financial accounts and disbursements of the French Legation Museum funds, including funds which have been received by the Museum as memorials, grants, or gifts, are the responsibility of the Treasurer General. If she chooses to establish a checking account for the Museum, all checks shall require two authorized signatures of the following: President General, Treasurer General, the FLMC Chairman, the FLMC Museum Manager or Director, and one member of the committee designated by the committee and the Treasurer General.

The chairman of the FLMC shall be designated property manager and shall be responsible for an historic site, and/or artifacts in the custody of DRT for the State of Texas. She shall submit an annual inventory of real property, improvements, and personal property in custody to the State Comptroller’s Office, sending one copy to the President General.

The French Legation Museum paper and digital records shall be permanently filed in a secure site approved by the BOM.

French Legation Museum web site

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