May 28, 2017

DRT Library Collection Committee

Chairman: Susan Riedesel



The DRT Library Collection Committee is responsible for compliance with and enforcement of all DRT Bylaws pertaining to the Library, all DRT policies, and all Library job descriptions. It shall ensure that only books or materials pertaining to Texas and Texas history shall be placed in the Alamo Research Center. All books, pictures, paintings and documents which are purchased must have the approval of the Library Committee and shall be purchased with DRT Collection Committee funds, not with Alamo funds.

The Library Director must have approval of the Library Collection Committee in administrative activities of the Library. The committee shall have supervision of the Library contents.

The Chairman, committee members, or Library Director shall greet all important visitors to the Research Center and attend all important functions of the Research Center.

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Texas History Forum

The Library Committee is responsible for the annual Texas History Forum, if any is conducted.


The June Franklin Naylor Award for the Best Book for Children on Texas History

The June Franklin Naylor Award for the Best Book for Children on Texas History, endowed by the family of June Franklin Naylor and sponsored by The Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library Collection Committee, is given annually to the author/illustrator of the most distinguished book for children and young adults, grade K-12, that accurately portrays the history of Texas, whether fiction or nonfiction. Immediately after the Annual Convention, the DRT Library Collection Committee shall see that the current award winner’s name and book description are posted on the DRT website.

General Guidelines for the June Franklin Naylor Award

1. The book must have been published for the first time within the calendar year, January-December (as specified in annual Guidelines).

2. The exception to this rule is the reprint of an early book for children that is annotated or revised to make its story accessible to today’s students.

3. Two copies of the book must accompany the entry. All books become the property of The Daughters of the Republic of Texas, and will not be returned.

4. All entries must be sent to the attention of the Library Director, whose mailing address is Alamo Research Center, P.O. Box 1401, San Antonio, TX 78295- 1401; and shipping address is Alamo Research Center, 300 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205. Entries must be postmarked or hand delivered to the library during regular library hours no later than January 31 of the year of the award.

5. Selections will be made from books nominated. If no nominated book is considered to meet the listed criteria, no award will be presented. The text and illustrations should be of highest quality and accuracy.

6. The DRT Library Collection Committee Chairman will ask a three-member panel of judges to select the top five entries. The panel shall consist of historians, educators, and/or librarians who may or may not be DRT members. At the end of February all Committee members and a member of the Naylor family will meet in San Antonio at the Alamo Research Center to select the award winner from the five top entries.

7. The winning entry will receive a cash prize of $400.00. If the winning entry has multiple authors and/or illustrators, the committee may choose to honor them singly or together. If there are multiple honorees, the cash award will be divided among them.

8. Awards will be presented at the Historical Evening during the Annual Convention of the Daughters of the Republic fo Texas. Only the winner will be notified prior to the awards ceremony. The award winner will be a guest of the DRT Library Collection Committee at the Historical Evening but will be responsible for his travel expenses.


The Virginia M. Law Research Award

The Virginia M. Law Research Award is designed to bring scholars to San Antonio, Texas, to work with materials housed at the Alamo Research Center. Research must be done at the Alamo Research Center and completed by June 1 of the following year. The award is accompanied by a grant of $400.00 ($200.00 when the award is announced and $200.00 after completion of research). The award is funded through the Virginia M. Law Endowment Fund, which was established in May 2006 by Nancy M. Law.

Guidelines for the Virginia M. Law Research Award

1. The Virginia M. Law Award is open to individuals in any field whose research can benefit from the holdings of the DRT Library Collections. Considerations for awarding the grant include: (a) suitability of the project for meaningful research in the DRT Library Collections; (b) applicant’s academic training or professional experience: (c) potential of the project to make a significant contribution to scholarship.

2. If no project submitted is considered to meet the listed criteria, no award will be presented.

3. A copy of the applicant’s curriculum vitae and a description of the proposed research project should be mailed to the Alamo Research Center, P.O. Box 1401, San Antonio, TX 78295-1401. The applicant should also arrange to have sent to the above address letters of reference from two persons who can assess the significance of the work and the ability of the scholar to carry it out.

4. The deadline for submission of all documents is September 29. The award recipient will be announced October 31.

Committees – Administrative

100 Manual of Procedure 2010

5. One complimentary copy of any resulting publication is to be placed in the DRT Library Collection. A presentation of research findings will be made at a DRT Texas History Forum, at a time convenient to the recipient, in order to publicly disseminate research results.

6. Recipients of the award shall acknowledge it in writing and all resulting publications, exhibits, or projects for which the award has made research possible.

7. The judging committee is composed of the DRT Library Collection Committee Chairman, the Alamo Research Center Director and the Alamo Research Center Archivist.


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