April 29, 2017

DRT Headquarters Committee

DRT Headquarters Chairman – John Ellen Becker

E-mail address: custodiangeneral@drtinfo.org


(Bylaws – Article X, Section 6)

The DRT Headquarters Committee shall have supervision of the DRT Headquarters under the direction of the BOM. The Committee shall assist the Custodian General with regard to the duties of the DRT Headquarters. This Committee shall consist of no fewer than five (5) members from the Austin area chapters and one (1) from each of three (3) other chapters. The Committee may have more than nine (9) members.

Annual Headquarters Committee Christmas Party

HQ4Headquarters committee members L to R are: Mary Goodwin, Evelyn Reininger, Sherry Jenkins, Lynne Byrd, Nelle Still, Custodian General Arlene Garey, Pat Horridge, John Ellen Becker, Pamela Cochran and Shirley Barber. Not shown is Suzanne Warlick.





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