December 17, 2017

DRT Headquarters Committee

DRT Headquarters Chairman – John Ellen Becker

Email address:

Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 4D

The DRT Headquarters Committee shall be chaired by the Custodian General and shall assist her with the operation of the DRT Headquarters. All dues records shall remain at DRT Headquarters.

The Committee shall be responsible for securing the archives of membership applications and other unique original records, both paper and digital;  for compliance with the Retention Policy; for oversight of maintenance of the DRT Public and Member’s websites; and for the inventory of publications and supplies for the office and members.

The Headquarters Committee shall be responsible for acquiring, maintaining and displaying items pertaining to DRT history. An inventory of DRT historic items shall be maintained separately from the Republic of Texas Museum inventory.

Members of the DRT Headquarters Committee are expected to work at the DRT Headquarters on a regular basis.





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