May 28, 2017

Cradle Committee

Cradle Chairman: Linda Cooper



(Bylaws – Article VI, Section 7)

The Cradle Committee shall have supervision of the Cradle under the direction of the BOM. The committee chairman shall make recommendations to the BOM as to changes or improvements of the Cradle. Should financial help be necessary, this shall come from DRT on approval by the BOM

If the Treasurer General chooses to establish a checking account for the Cradle Committee, all checks paid out of Cradle financial accounts, including funds which have been received by the Cradle as memorials, grants, or gifts, shall require two authorized signatures of the following: President General, Treasurer General, Cradle Committee Chairman, President of the Sidney Sherman Chapter, and a member of the Cradle Committee to be designated by the Committee and the Treasurer General.

DRT members who want to tour the Cradle should contact Linda Cooper at 409-938-8053.



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