January 16, 2018

Bylaws Committee

Bylaws Chairman: Kay Crews

Email: bylawschair@drtinfo.org

Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 5C

The Bylaws Committee shall review all amendments submitted to the Bylaws Chair by the date established in Article XIV, Section 1. The Committee shall:

•  Edit for composition; determine whether the amendment is appropriate for the Bylaws or MOP; and submit proposed Bylaws amendments to the BOM at the February meeting.
•   Consolidate similar amendments for joint proposal;
•   Possess the right to originate amendments and submit proposed amendments to the BOM at the February meeting in even-numbered years with the committee’s recommendations for action;
•   Send proposed amendments to the members together with the committee’s recommendation for action and the BOM’s recommendations for action, not less than sixty days prior to the assembling of the Convention;
•   Following Convention, the Committee shall update the bylaws and submit them to the Convention Minutes Approval Committee for review and correction.

The approved and corrected bylaws shall be submitted to DRT Headquarters within 45 days after the close of the Convention and published in accordance with provisions found in the MOP.

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