May 28, 2017

Awards Committee

Awards Chairman: Lacreta Watson


Lacreta Watson
P.O. Box 20172
Amarillo, TX 79114

See Bylaws Article VII; Article XII, Sec. 1, 3; and MOP, Committees (General Information) Section.

The Awards Program became effective May 16, 1964, with adoption of the plan by the DRT in Convention assembled at Beaumont. In 1994 the Membership Award category was added. In 2000 the Volunteer Hours Award was added. In 2001 the Six-Star Chapter Award was added by the BOM to the MOP, and in 2010 to the Bylaws.

The Awards Committee is responsible for seven chapter awards presented at Annual Conventions. They are:



Texas History Award

Membership, President General’s Project, Volunteer Hours, Six-Star Chapter*

(* Please note, these awards are located on the same form)

Chapter awards provide chapter recognition and give chapters an opportunity for self-evaluation. They stimulate pride in and enthusiasm for the goals of DRT and encourage Chapters to support the work of the organization including preserving and promoting the study of Texas history.

Chapter Presidents should complete the four “Awards Forms” covering seven Chapter awards above. These award forms cover the period of April 16 the previous year to April 15 of the current year:

Photocopy or print the blank forms so a spare set will be available in case of error. Submit the Awards Forms and Annual Chapter Narrative Reports by April 22 as follows:

1. Mail or e-mail the awards forms to the Awards Chairman.
Lacreta Watson
P.O. Box 20172
Amarillo, TX 79114

2. Mail or e-mail only the Annual Chapter Narrative Report to the President General.

3. Send electronically the Annual Chapter Narrative Report to the Annual Proceedings Chairman.

The Awards Committee shall receive the reports from the chapters and determine eligibility of each chapter for each award. The committee shall prepare awards certificates and distribute them at Convention.

If no chapter member attends Annual Convention or picks up its chapter packet, including awards certificates, the Custodian General will take the packets to Headquarters and mail them ASAP to Chapter Presidents, with an invoice for postage.

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