May 28, 2017

Education & Flag Committee Sales

The Education & Flag Committee wants to remind everyone to contribute to the Laura Lanigan Texas History FundIn order to encourage and reward participation in the DRT’s Texas History contests, DRT established a Restricted Fund named the “Laura Lanigan Texas History Fund.”

The monetary awards shall be presented by the Fifth Vice President General at DRT’s Annual Convention to:

Winner of 4th Grade Texas History Essay Contest: $500.00

Winner of 7th Grade Texas History Essay Contest: $500.00

Outstanding 7th Grade TX History Teacher Contest: $750.00

Outstanding 4th Grade TX History Teacher Contest: $750.00

The school of the Outstanding 4th and 7th Grade Teacher winner is awarded $1000.00.

DRT would also like to increase this fund to award cash prizes for the runners-up. Many times it is difficult to pick just one for each contest. So, be sure to look for “the Red Hat” that the 5th Vice President General passes at each District Workshop and thank you in advance for your generosity!

For more information, contact the 5th Vice President General/Education & Flag Chairman at



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