January 17, 2018

Chapter Officer “Help”

hands2DRT Chapter officers are charged with providing leadership for  chapter members and chapter activities, while maintaining all obligations to the State organization and fulfilling the mission and purpose of The Daughters of the Republic of Texas. It is imperative that chapter officers be effective and thorough in their officer roles. To help with these jobs, the following information has been compiled for the positions of Chapter President, Treasurer, Secretary and Registrar. This is an ongoing project and the positions will be posted as the information is completed. Click on the officer position to download and print the information.

Chapter Officers and their Duties

Chapter President HandbookIncludes a description of duties, a chapter timeline, a DRT Chapter Checklist, a sample agenda, a sample budget, a sample Memorial service and a Sample Summer letter to members.
Chapter Treasurer HandbookIncludes a description of duties, a chapter timeline and a DRT Chapter Checklist for treasurers.
1. Chapter Registrar Handbook
2. Chapter Registrar Resource Manual
The Registrar Handbook consists of a listing of the Registrar's duties and instructions on how to complete the DRT application: including how to cite proofs, proof preparation, a schematic of the application process and FAQ's.
The Registrar Resource Manual is a rich resource of tools for locating proofs for the DRT application.


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