January 17, 2018

Board of Management for 2017 – 2019

The new BOM for the Daughters was installed at the May Convention. New officers include:

Barbara Stevens, President General; Carolyn Raney, President General Elect; Claire Haynes,

Chaplain General; Anita Cooper, Recording Secretary General; Ellen McCaffrey, Treasurer

General; Glenda Wise, Registrar General; John Ellen Becker, Custodian General; Melissa

Goodrich, Executive Secretary General; Liz Hedges, Historian General. District Representatives

include Carol Steakley, District I; Judith D’Amico, District II; Denise Cervantes, District III;

Johnnie McWilliams, District IV; Sue Cobb, District V; Coyla Holmes, District VI; Mary

Wieser, District VII; Mariann Laughlin, District VIII; Tiffany Miller, District IX; and Ronda

Helton, District X. For more information on President General Barbara Steven’s goals and plans,

please click here.

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