January 16, 2018


Any woman having attained her sixteenth (16th) birthday is eligible for membership, provided she is a lineal descendant of a man or woman who rendered loyal service for Texas prior to the consummation of the Annexation Agreement of the Republic of Texas with the United States of America on the nineteenth day of February, eighteen hundred forty-six (19 February 1846).

Proof submitted by an applicant shall include documentation on the applicant’s ancestor. Any date cited on the membership applications shall be documented. The applicant must furnish acceptable proof of her lineal descent from a man or woman who served in any of the following capacities:

  1.  As a colonist with Austin’s Old Three Hundred, or any colonies authorized under the Spanish or Mexican governments before the Texas Revolution or those authorized by the Congress of the Republic of Texas.
  2. As an officer or private in the service of the Colonies or of the Republic of Texas.
  3. As a loyal resident, male or female, regardless of age, who established residence in Texas prior to the nineteenth day of February, eighteen hundred forty-six (19 February 1846). (“Loyal” shall be interpreted to mean that he or she had not been proved disloyal. A loyal resident, regardless of age, gave the service of residing in Texas and aiding in its settlement. “Service” shall be interpreted to mean “resident” or “military.”)
  4. As a recipient of a land grant authorized by the Provisional Government of the Republic of Texas. Those grants include “Toby Scrips;” head rights, first, second, third, and fourth class; preemption grants; land scrips; colony contracts; bounty certificates; and donation certificates.


Chapter Membership

This membership is open to women who wish to be associated with a chapter and find sponsorship within the chapter. Chapter members can attend chapter and state meetings, serve on chapter and state committees and hold office at the chapter and state level. Chapter membership carries the reward of participating in the chapter activities aimed at furthering the goals of celebration and preservation of our Texas Heritage.

If you wish to learn more about chapter membership you are encouraged to locate a chapter near you and contact the Chapter President or Chapter Registrar. They will help guide you through the application process. Please see our chapters listing to find a chapter near you.


The second type of membership is not associated with a chapter. This membership is generally sought by those ladies not residing near a chapter, but who wish to become members of the organization. The member at large can attend state meeting and vote but cannot hold office.

Chapter Only Memberships

1.) Associate Member
Chapters may have Associate members if permitted in their Bylaws. These are women who are ineligible for membership but whose deep interests in the objectives of DRT render them acceptable as Associate members, without the privilege of making a motion, voting, or holding office. They shall pay only chapter dues.
2.) Affiliate Member
Chapters may have Affiliate members if permitted in their Bylaws. These are DRT members who have one or more secondary chapter membership(s).  These members will have a primary chapter where they pay state dues, count their service and may run for state offices. Affiliate members may also have a secondary chapter where they pay chapter dues only, may vote, hold office and participate, but do not qualify for state offices based on this chapter service.


In the event a member of 15 years or more or a charter member of her chapter is placed in long-term care, is incapacitated, or finances forbid her from continuing to pay dues, and she would rather not resign, she shall be maintained on DRT records as an Emeritus member until her death with all DRT organizational and chapter dues being waived. Eligibility shall be established through written request to the Second Vice President General.


A posthumous membership is granted to women who, though eligible for membership in DRT, did not during their lifetime seek membership. A posthumous member shall not be eligible for supplemental ancestors. There shall be a “P” affixed to the membership number of this member to signify that the member was never an active member of DRT during her lifetime. A posthumous member shall be eligible to have a member medallion affixed to her tombstone.

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