January 17, 2018

Dues and Fees

Membership Dues and Fees

Member at Large Fees
Initiation Fee = $70.00
Dues = $45.00
Processing Fee = $8.00
TOTAL FEES = $123.00

Chapter Member Fees
Initiation Fee = $70.00
Dues = $45.00
TOTAL FEES = $115.00 (plus chapter dues which are paid separately)

Posthumous Application (one-time) Fee – $150.00

CRT Initiation Fee – $25.00 (There are no yearly dues for CRT)

Reinstatement/Transfer Fee – $25.00

Supplemental Application Fee – $50.00

CRT to DRT Transfer Fee (before 21st birthday) – $45.00

Click here to access forms that accompany these fees.
For further information contact the DRT Registrar General.

Chapter and Membership Supplies and Services

Research and copy services from member applications and proofs are available from the DRT Headquarters. Current charges are listed below.

Research Service Fee$10.00/hr plus tax
4 pg. copy of member application (proofs not included)$10.00ea/plus tax
Proof pages copy from a member application$2.00/per pg/plus tax
Additional fees apply for shipping & handling, if needed

Click here for a complete list of items available from DRT Headquarters.

Memorial Medallions

DRT Memorial Medallion

Memorial medallions are available to honor and mark the headstones of deceased DRT and CRT members. Also veterans, defenders and citizens of the Republic of Texas, and historic sites of the Republic of Texas era can be honored with Memorial Medallions.

Memorial Medallion for DRT/CRT
3″ or 4  3/4″ Size medallion = $66.00 plus $5.45 (S&H) for a total of $71.45

Memorial Medallion for Veterans, Defenders and Citizens of the Republic of Texas
4  3/4″ Size medallion = $66.00 plus $5.45 (S&H) for a total of $71.45

Memorial Medallion for Historic Sites of the Republic of Texas Era
11″ Size aluminum medallion = $250 plus $20.63 (S&H) for a total of $270.63

For further information and applications,  click here to access the Historic Site Committee or contact the Historic Sites Chair at historicsiteschair@drtinfo.org.


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