January 16, 2018

District Map

(Bylaws – Article IV, Section 1)

Texas may be divided into as many as twelve (12) districts at the discretion of the BOM. A District Representative shall be elected for each of the districts. In the event of a new district being formed after the general election, a representative for that district shall be named by the BOM upon the recommendation of the new district’s chapters. Each district shall be numbered and defined as to a location.



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District Representatives

purple.png District 1 Carol Steakley district1rep@drtinfo.org
yellow.png District 2 Judith D’Amico district2rep@drtinfo.org
lightblue.png District 3 Denise Cervantes district3rep@drtinfo.org
orange.png District 4 Susan Aikin district4rep@drtinfo.org
green.png District 5 Sue Cobb district5rep@drtinfo.org
pink.png District 6 Coyla Holmes district6rep@drtinfo.org
red.png District 7 Mary Wieser district7rep@drtinfo.org
blue.png District 8 Mariann Laughlin district8rep@drtinfo.org
brown.png District 9 district9rep@drtinfo.org
myred.png District 10 Ronda Helton district10rep@drtinfo.org


DRT Membership Counts

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