November 18, 2017

Board of Management

BOM Officers for 2017 – 2019

(All Chapter Presidents should receive from Headquarters a copy of the list of BOM names, addresses, and phone numbers for their chapter yearbooks. If not, please contact Headquarters. DRT members may also purchase the DRT Roster from Headquarters for a list of members’ addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. However, to better conform to Federal and Texas State Privacy laws, the recently amended MOP – Miscellaneous/General Information, Section DRT Website (approved September 9, 2011) states, “ No member’s address, telephone, e-mail address, or birthday may be published or distributed elsewhere without her express consent.”


President General, Barbara Stevens
President General Elect, Carolyn Raney

Chaplain General, Claire Haynes
Recording Secretary General, Anita Cooper
Executive Secretary General, Melissa Goodrich
Treasurer General, Ellen McCaffrey
Registrar General, Glenda Wise
Custodian General, John Ellen Becker
Historian General, Liz Hedges
Parliamentarian General,
District I Representative, Carol Steakley
District II Representative, Judith D’Amico
District III Representative, Denise Cervantes
District IV Representative, Johnnie McWilliams
District V Representative, Sue Cobb
District VI Representative, Coyla Holmes
District VII Representative, Mary Wieser
District VIII Representative, Mariann Laughlin
District IX Representative, Tiffany Miller
District X Representative, Ronda Helton


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