January 17, 2018

Texas History Awards Fund

In order to encourage and reward participants in The DRT’s Texas History contests, The DRT has established a Restricted Fund, the “Texas History Awards Fund.” The principal is to be maintained in a fully-insured, interest-bearing account drawing maximum interest commensurate with safety. Only the annual interest from this fund may be used, and any unused portion of the annual interest is to be reinvested in the “Texas History Awards Fund.” The monetary awards shall be presented by the Fifth Vice President General at The DRT’s Annual Convention to:

  • Winner of 4th Grade Texas History Essay Contest: $300.00
  • Winner of 7th Grade Texas History Essay Contest: $300.00
  • The school of each winner, for 4th grade and 7th grade Outstanding Texas History Teacher Contest , receives $1000.00 with Board of Management Approval.
  • Outstanding 4th Grade Texas History Teacher Contest: $500.00
  • Outstanding 7th Grade Texas History Teacher Contest: $500.00

The amount of these awards may be increased at the direction of the BOM when sufficient funds have accumulated in this Restricted Fund Account.

Each year annual contributions of $100.00 or more to this fund shall be recognized in The DRT’s Annual Proceedings. By the first of May (1 May) each year, the Treasurer General shall send one (l) copy of the names of contributors and amounts contributed by each to the President General and the Fifth Vice President General. She shall send two (2) copies to the Recording Secretary General.

The Education and Flag Committee gladly accepts contributions to the Fund.

The committee also sells

  • The newly reprinted booklet, ”TEXAS AND ITS FLAGS,” $5.00 each
  • White DRT flags, 14” by 18” (blue emblem and gold fringe), at $20.00 each

Order from 5th Vice President General:

Shirley Burnett

P.O. Box 777
Fulton, Texas 78358

Hm.# 361-729-8185
Cell# 361-790-3795
Fax# 361-729-8185

E-mail drtshirleyb@juno.com

Thank you for your support!!!!

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