December 16, 2017

Art Contests

The Republic of Texas Museum Art Contest is held yearly to document Texas Historical sites, events, activities and individual(s) in the various districts of Texas during the days prior to 1850.

There are four different contests:

1) Poster for elementary age, Grades K-5.

2) Original Artwork for middle school age, Grades 6-8.

3) PowerPoint computer entry for middle school and high school age, Grades 6-12.

4) Senior Citizen Original Artwork for Non-professionals, 55+ years.

The topics include: Historical site, event, activity or individual(s) in a specified district that helped in the settling of Texas prior to 1850.

In each of the ten districts, 1st place winners in Poster and Original Artwork contests receive $50.00; 2nd place $30.00; & 3rd place $20.00. PowerPoint Computer entries, 1st place winner in each district receive $100.00; 2nd place $60.00; & 3rd place $40.00. Also, each winner receives a certificate and two tickets to the Republic of Texas Museum.

DRT offers several Art contests for both children and adults each year through the Republic of Texas Museum. Please contact the Republic of Texas Museum at (512) 339-1997 for more information.

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