Chapter History-Mary McCutcheon Jones

In 1961, a CRT Chapter was organized in Fort Worth by Billie Beth Moore who volunteered to be a sponsor along with the Frances Cooke Van Zandt Chapter.  The chapter name of “Mary McCutcheon Jones” was selected in honor of the first President General of DRT, who was the wife of Dr. Anson Jones, last President of the Republic of Texas.  The chapter charted on May 15, 1961 in Fort Worth, Texas.  The officers of the new chapter were:

President Sylvia Gail Vandervoort
Vice President Velma Sherry Vandervoort
Recording Secretary Carolyn Louise Moorman
Historian Travis Wilbanks Hazlewood.


The 32 charter members were:

Diane Elaine Agerton Steven Robert Massey
Layton Moore Blaylock Mary Kay Massey
Susan Carrington Blaylock Carolyn Louise Moorman
Linda Cunningham David Warren Moorman
Robert Bruce Cunningham Robert Maxey Moorman
Susan Cunningham George Preston Pattie
Elizabeth Lynn Fersing Brian Dewitt Tomlinson
Julianne Hazlewood Carl David Vandervoort
Thomas Calvin Hazlewood Gary Lamar Vandervoort
Travis Wilbanks Hazlewood Sylvia Gail Vandervoort
Robert Fields Leggett Velma Sherry Vandervoort
Susan Carol Leggett Gwendolyn Ann West
Arthur Hanks Massey William Mensing West, Jr.

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