Associate Membership

Associate Member Pin

Associate Member Pin

What is an Associate Member?

An associate member is a woman who is ineligible for DRT membership but has deep interests in the objectives of DRT may become an associate member of this Chapter. An associate member shall pay only chapter annual dues, but shall not have the privilege of making a motion, voting or holding office.

Associate members may purchase the Associate Member pin (left) which may be worn on clothing or on an official ribbon.



The Process for Associate Membership

  1. A person proposed as an associate member shall be recommended by two chapter members.
  2. Her name & information shall be submitted in writing to the Chapter President who will refer it to the Membership Committee for chapter vote in the same manner as an applicant for membership.
  3. Upon approval, the Registrar shall send a letter of welcome, announcing her acceptance as an associate member & providing information about payment of her first year’s dues.
  4. Thereafter, the Treasurer will collect chapter dues for associate members at the same time that regular members pay their dues.

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