Frances Cooke Lipscomb Van Zandt

Frances Cooke Lipscomb was born is Louisa County, Virginia, on March 4, 1816, to William and Ann Day (Cooke) Lipscomb.  In 1826, the family moved to Franklin County, Tennessee, and there she married Isaac Van Zandt on December 18, 1833.  They moved to Mississippi in 1834 but returned to Franklin County in 1837, whee Isaac began to study law.

After Isaac received his license, the family moved to Texas, where they settled in Harrison County.  Isaac was elected to the House of Representatives for the Fifth and Sixth Congress of  the Republic of Texas, 1840—1842.  Sam Houston appointed Isaac the Charge d’Affaires to the United States in 1842.  Three years after their return to Texas, Isaac began a campaign for governor.  He was stricken with yellow fever while campaigning and died on the eleventh day of October in 1847.

Frances and her children resided in Marshall, Texas, until after the Civil War.  Her son, Major K. M. Van Zandt, brought her and the other children to Fort Worth in 1872.  On April 22, 1904, she became a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.  Frances remained in Fort Worth until her death at the age of ninety-three years on April 8, 1909.


Burial—Oakwood Cemetery, Fort Worth, Texas

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