Outstanding 7th & 4th Grade Texas History Teacher

The Education and Flag Committee, with the Fifth Vice President General as chairman, is charged with the responsibility of stimulating interest in early Texas history, especially in our State schools, colleges and universities. This committee sponsors two Texas History Teacher contests:

  1. Fourth Grade Texas History Teacher Contests
  2. Seventh Grade Texas History Teacher Contests

At DRT’s Annual Convention, the monetary awards shall be presented by the Fifth Vice President General to:

  • The school of each winner, for 4th grade and 7th grade Outstanding Texas History Teacher Contest, receives $1000.00 with Board of Management Approval.
  • Outstanding 4th Grade Texas History Teacher Contest: $500.00
  • Outstanding 7th Grade Texas History Teacher Contest: $500.00


Rules for 2014

Instructions: The teacher should prepare an application that includes the information found in Nos. 1-4 below. The District Representative must receive the Chapter’s winning application no later than March 2nd.

  1. Cover page should include:
    • Teacher’s name and grade taught
    • Name of school, address, and city
    • Name of principal
    • “The Daughters of The Republic of Texas”
    • Sponsoring DRT chapter and city
    • Chapter contact person and telephone number
  2. Letters of recommendation, limit of four.
  3. Applicant’s curriculum vitae/résumé.
  4. The applicant should submit his/her thoughts about teaching; about Texas history; manner of instruction in the classroom; innovations conceived and executed for 4th or 7th graders; and, response of the students. This should be typed on 8½” by 11″ paper. On a computer, use 12 to 14 point type.
  5. The winning teacher will be invited to attend the DRT Convention. DRT is not responsible for expense incurred to attend. However, the teacher and a guest will be guests of DRT at the Historical Evening dinner.

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