Six Star Chapter

2013 Six Star Chapter Award

2013 Six Star Chapter Award

The Six Star Chapter Award was established in 2001 and is bestowed to those chapters that meet criteria in the following six categories:

  1. Achievement – membership increase, CRT sponsorship, annual chapter reporting, promotion of Texas history, gifts to DRT units, donation of flags, donation of Texas maps/Texas Declaration of Independence to schools, and observance of Texas Honor Days.
  2. Attendance -chapter meetings, district meetings, and convention attendance
  3. Membership Award – chapter dues remitted on time
  4. President General’s Project – 100% chapter participation
  5. Texas History – chapter completed two out of the following:
    1. chapter member must have written a book or article in published or unpublished manuscript,
    2. at least on chapter entry in Texas History Teachers Contest or Texas History Student Essay Contests,
    3. chapter/chapter member marked grave with DRT/CRT memorial medallion,
    4. chapter gave a book on some aspect of pre-1900 Texas history to a school or library,
    5. chapter awarded a scholarship to a deserving student
  6. Volunteer Hours – member DRT related volunteer hours
Six Star Pin

Six Star Pin

Once a chapter is awarded a “Six Star”, members of that chapter are  eligible to purchase the six star pin.

The Six Star Pin counts as the “first Star”.

For each additional year the chapter wins a Six Star Award, a star is purchased. A Six Star bar is also purchased on which to hang the stars.

Six Star Bar with 5 stars

Six Star Bar with 5 stars

The Six Star bar has five places on which to hang five stars. When the bar is full, members will purchase additional bars on which to place additional awarded stars.

Note: All awarded stars have to be purchased by members.



Since 2006, the Frances Cooke Van Zandt Chapter has received this award 7 times.

 Six Star Chapter Awards

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