Organizational Information

Founded:   December 9, 1920, by Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell Guernsey (Mrs. George T.)

Incorporated:   April 25, 1921.  Federal Charter was granted the Ninety-eighth United States Congress as Public Law 98-561 on October 30, 1984.

Object of the Society:

The object of this Society shall be Patriotic, Historical, and Educational; to make research as to the history and deeds of the American colonist and to record and publish the same; to commemorate deeds of colonial interest; to inculcate and foster love of America and its institutions by all its residents; to obey its laws and venerate its flag—the emblem of its power and civic righteousness.

Motto:   Past, Present, Future

Theme:   Working together to promote lifelong learning.

Colors:   Colonial Blue & Yellow

Emblem:   Oak Leaf


The Seal of this Society shall be composed of an open wreath of acorns and oak leaves measuring 1 9/16 inches in width and 2 inches in height. In the center of this wreath shall be a shield measuring in width, 1 inch, and in height, 1 4/16 inches. The border of the shield shall bear the name of the Society, “National Society Daughters of the American Colonists.” In the center of the shield shall be an oak tree in full foliage.


The National Society is led by the National President and an Executive Committee consisting of all of the National Officers, all Honorary National Presidents, and three Honorary National Vices Presidents selected by the National President. In addition to rulings by the Executive Board, policy for the Society is made by the National Board, a body composed of the National Officers , the Honorary National Officers, and the State Regents. The Chairmen of National Committees are National Board members without a vote.

The National Board meets prior to and after General Assembly, and in October. Ballot votes are cast in January and June for specific purposes authorized in the National Bylaws, Article XI, Section 2. Elections are held every third year.

The constituent bodies of the National Society are chapters, states societies (states having two or more chapters), and state societies without chapter; which are grouped into five geographical sections.

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