May 27, 2015

President General



Ellen McCaffrey – President General
2013 – 2015

Ellen McCaffrey is the 44th President General of The Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT). Mrs. McCaffrey is from Houston and  has been a member of DRT for 32 years.  She has a deep Republic of Texas heritage that descends from Newel Crain Hodges through her mother and from Jose Antonio Baldermero Navarro through her father.

Ellen has served in offices and committees on all levels in her DRT career. Originally a member of the Texas Star Chapter, she served as their 3rd Vice President, Treasurer,  President and  State Convention Registrar. After transferring to the Miss Ima Hogg Chapter in Houston, she has been a chapter treasurer for two terms and a member of both the chapter Audit and Bylaws Committees. State committee service includes two terms on the Nominating Committee (once as Committee Chair) and the Bylaws Committee. As chair of the Bylaws Committee, her committee completed a  revision of the DRT Bylaws and the compilation of the first DRT Manual of Procedure. In 2003, Ellen McCaffrey was elected as the Treasurer General of DRT. She served two terms and then served one term as the First Vice President General on the Board of Management.

Mrs. McCaffrey has a strong accounting background (30 years experience) and has been self employed for 21 years. She has been married to Jim McCaffrey for 42 years. Jim teaches US and Military History at the University of Houston Downtown and is the author of nine books on US military history. The two sons of Ellen and Jim McCaffrey grew up participating with their parents in living history events of the Civil War and the Texas Revolution.

Ellen McCaffrey’s proudest accomplishments include her work with the Native Texas License Plate contract and her membership on the Alamo Capital Campaign Special Task Force and the Vision/Republic Village Team. As Treasurer General, she worked with the Governor’s office on the NTLP project that resulted in The Daughters getting direct grant monies from the license plate funds and the oversight of grant awards. As a member of the Alamo Capital Campaign Special Task Force and the Vision/Republic Vision Team, she has been able to share DRT ‘s mission and vision with potential donors from all over the State of Texas!

Ellen proudly states that she loves being a Texan and a member of The Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

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